Why I’m Running

My approach builds on our shared values: By adapting to a changing world, protecting what is precious, and by connecting people to one another and to how we govern, we can move in the right direction at the right pace.

I bring 10 years of experience at the Oak Bay Municipal Council table. I’ve served as Chair of the Mayor’s Task Force on Public Engagement, Chair of the Mayor’s Task Force on the Cenotaph as well as Council Liaison for the Oak Bay Arts Committee, and The Urban Forest Strategy. I also sit on the Capital Regional District Arts Commission, the Regional Housing Trust Fund Commission, the Royal and McPherson Theatre Society and the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association.

Through these roles I have demonstrated successful stewardship of Oak Bay’s unique environment and heritage, a commitment to expanding public spaces to celebrate and connect as a community, and fiscal responsibility. i believe that housing issues and land use processes remain a key focus in Oak Bay.

There’s still work to do. That means working with our community to address priorities to enhance vibrancy of our villages, improve street safety, and expand housing options that will shape the Oak Bay of today, and of tomorrow.

I’m excited to hear from and respond to residents’ views on key issues over the coming weeks ahead.