My Record

Council Appointments (2014-2018)

 Special Appointments

The Public Engagement Task Force (Chair)
Mayor’s Cenotaph Task Force (Chair)

Internal Appointments

Public Arts Committee Liaison
Acting Mayor – April, May, June

External Appointments

  • Camosun College Liaison
  • Capital Regional District Arts Commission
  • Regional Housing Trust Fund Commission
  • Royal and McPherson Theatres Society
  • Victoria Labor Relations Board

These are my Council appointment for 2011-2014:

Salish Sea at Turkey Head, Oak Bay by Chris Paul. Photo by Brit karlstrom

A wonderful example of artwork in our public spaces -Salish Sea at Turkey Head, Oak Bay by Chris Paul. Photo by Brit Karlstrom

Internal Appointments

  • Council Liaison to Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Council Liaison to Oak Bay Tourism Committee
  • Council Liaison to Business Improvement Association
  • Council Liaison to Oak Bay High School Development Project

External Appointments

  • CRD Water Commission
  • Capital Regional District Solid Waste Advisory Committee

Here are some things I have accomplished and/or supported on these Commissions and Committees:

  • Ensured the Oak Bay High School project ($65,000,000) integrates with Oak Bay cycling paths
  • Advocated for the Neighbourhood Learning Centre at the Oak Bay High Project
  • Supported the Bowker Creek Restoration Project ($739,000) and ensured integration of cycling and pedestrian traffic
  • Aspire to reduce  GHGs in Oak Bay (OB Recreation Centre was awarded the EcoStar Award in 2014 for reducing energy needs and our carbon footprint)
  • Inaugurated the Dark Sky Cattle Point Star Park (2013): only two in Canada!
  • Supported the first-time appointed Oak Bay Arts Laureate
  • Supported music in the parks, pianos on the beach, and public art in the community
  • Repositioned Beautiful Oak Bay: Experience, Stay, Taste, Shop
  • Forwarded a motion to support the Urban Forest Strategy
  • Forwarded a motion to support the Urban Agriculture Strategy
  • A demonstration rain garden at Monterey Centre


These are my Council appointments for 2008-11:

Council Committee Chairmanship:

  •      Emergency Planning and Fire Protection Section

Internal Appointments:

  •       Emergency Planning Group
  •       Oak Bay Heritage Committee
  •       Oak Bay Heritage Foundation
  •       Uplands Building Permit Review Sub-Committee

External Appointments:

  •      Family Court Committee
  •      Capital Regional District Solid Waste Advisory Committee
  •      Inter-Municipal Climate Action Steering Committee
Here’s some issues that I have spoken up on:

Some activities I have been involved in during my term include:

  • Introduction of a voluntary plastic bag ban (January 2009)
  • Instigation of an equity policy for Council committee appointments (April 2010)
  • Instigation and implementation of a bylaw that bans cosmetic pesticides (May 2011)
  • Supporting the growing of edible plants on boulevards (Council only supported the growing of non-edible plants)
  • Supporting a Heritage Commission
  • Supporting and encouraging Heritage Revitalization Agreements as a tool to preserve heritage and green space
  • Working with constituents to speak on their behalf re VIHA’s plans for the Oak Bay Lodge

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